BlackBerry 9500 Thunder photo leaked

What’s sweeter than knowing that your most-awaited phone is “coming soon”? Why, seeing it available for pre-order, or course! While nothing new about RIM’s rumored to be upcoming BlackBerry 9500 “Thunder” touchscreen phone is revealed to us by Horizon Wireless, the retailer from which this device is now available for pre-order, at least it has shown us a photo.

Now this, might not be the best shot of the BlackBerry 9500 Thunder, but for the multitude of CrackBerry addicts out there who are waiting for its release, this will most certainly do. The existence of this photo only proves to that there will indeed be a touchscreen BlackBerry – an iPhone killer, if you will, from RIM – in the future.

Blackberry 9500 Thunder - Coming Soon

The BlackBerry 9500 Thunder, according to earlier rumors, will be RIM’s first full touchscreen phone, and the Horizon Wireless pre-order page tells us so. It is also referred to as 3G ready “and more…” Horizon Wireless has “0 Units in Stock” of the BlackBerry 9500 Thunder right now but it’s still available for pre-order from their web site. Expect more details and specs to come out soon.

Horizon Wireless via Engadget Mobile

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