iPhone heading to Spain through Movistar

Apple continues to slowly gain ground in the mobile phone market, this time on its way to conquering Spain through a partnership with Movistar for the touchscreen touting iPhone. Movistar first launched a micro-site for the iPhone with their official announcement earlier, only to realize later that its rightful place is elsewhere on the site.

Unfortunately, as with all the most recent Apple iPhone carrier deals that we’ve been able to uncover, Movistar does not include specifics as to what type of iPhone will be launched. But we have a pretty good hunch that it could be the second-generation one, with 3G connectivity and a few other features added to the original specs.

iPhone in Spain

There is also no word on either pricing or exact place of availability from the carrier, so hold your breath and keep your fingers crossed. What’s important is that it’s coming, amigos!

Movistar Via Engadget Mobile

Author: David Gonzales

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