ModeLabs Group’s Bluetrek Metal, thinnest Bluetooth headset ever

Thin is in for Bluetooth headsets, apparently, and if you’re the type who’d rather have a shiny piece of metal stuck to one of your ears while reaching someone through phone (as opposed to just texting), then do take a look at the ModeLabs Group Bluetrek Metal.

The Bluetrek Metal is an ultra slim, ultra light Bluetooth headset that, according to ModeLabs Group, “confirms the innovation strength of the group with regards for their Bluetooth activities, by offering differentiated products with high added value.”

Bluetrek Metal

The Bluetrek Metal’s 4mm thin body is made out of metal, as the name suggests, and is quite lightweight at only less than 5.5 grams. The inbuilt battery, no matter how small, will be able to give you 7 days in sleep mode and 5 precious hours of talk time.

It will be launching this month everywhere in France as well as Europe in two versions: Aluminium Black + Silver and Silver Stainless Steel, for 39 euros and 49 euros respectively.

Author: David Gonzales

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