Motorola hopes to outshine RIM’s BlackBerry with Good 6.0

Motorola recently announced the forthcoming launch of Good Mobility Suite version 6.0, which brings updates to the service that include “a new managed-service virtual private network (VPN) as well as an enhanced device management and security platform,” and hopes to outperform RIM’s BlackBerry with it.

According to Motorola, the new Good Mobile Connection is far better than the last version, and aims to turn smartphones into mobile laptops this time around. Which is a little bit ambitious, if I may say, but who knows what they can do better than themselves, right?

Motorola Good Mobility Suite version 6.0

Good Mobility Suite 6.0, aside from push e-mail functionality, now grants users with smartphones that are connected to the service “behind the corporate firewall” access to their data and applications, all while having a pleasant and seamless user experience (read: a good time.)

But that’s not what makes Good Mobility Suite 6.0 capable of killing RIM’s BlackBerry, though, but its way of dovetailing with different platforms, including Palm OS, Symbian Series 60, Windows Mobile 5, and Windows Mobile 6. And did I mention that other hardware manufacturers such as Palm, HTC and Samsung are also supported? Oh, I guess I just did.

Good 6.0 is expected to be made available with all of the aforementioned updates and more later this year as part of the Motorola PartnerSelect program through certified value-added resellers, as well as carrier reseller partners, and directly through Motorola Good Technology Group.

IBM Lotus Domino and Microsoft Exchange email systems are both supported by the updated suite, and by far it looks like a pretty formidable RIM BlackBerry contender. But of course, we have yet to see it in action, so we can’t really confirm if it’s as good as Motorola says it is. For more info about Good 6.0, you can check out its web site at

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