O2 to subsidize 3G iPhone

In some big news from Britain, Pocket-lint is reporting today that UK iPhone provider O2 is planning to sell the 3G iPhone subsidized for £100 (US $196). The release has not been set, though it is rumored that O2 will get it soon after the US launch, which should be by July at the absolute latest. Reportedly Apple is using this move as a strategy to bump up iPhone sales and reach their goal of 10 million sales by the end of 2008.

Still no official details have been leaked out of Cupertino, but we all wait in anticipation to hear from Steve Jobs himself at the June 9 WWDC keynote address, when he is expected to reveal all things 3G iPhone.

This information correlates with rumors that AT&T is also planning on subsidizing the iPhone down to $200 with 2-year contract, which strengthens the legitimacy of that rumor.

via Pocket-lint

Author: Brad Molen

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