Bluetooth promotions – new form of advertising from Intera

Intera Group, a US-based advertising company which sells ad space on panels in some 7,000 locations around the country has started offering a new kind of campaigns for their advertisers.

The company installs Bluetooth transmitters in a busy area and they send ads and special offers wirelessly to the phones of the passers-by who have enabled the discovery setting.

As Bluetooth works only in a range of up to 10 meters, the area is limited, hence the name “Proximity Marketing”.

This kind of advertising seems most useful to local merchants, as demonstrated by ad campaign ran for Hard Rock Cafe in San Francisco, the very first customer of Intera’s new ad technology. About 25% of the people who got sent a promotion (spend $25 and receive a free souvenir) went ahead and redeemed it.

An example of Proximity Marketing ad:


A lot of people turn off the “discoverable” setting – for security or other reasons – and the advertising from Intera won’t be able to reach them. Kevin Thornton, CEO of the company, says that it would help if the retailers put up signs indicating that if users enable their Bluetooth functionality, they will be eligible for a special offer.

Intera Group has big plans for Proximity Marketing, looking to open over 100 locations in California in the next 3 months, and as much as a thousand locations before the end of the year; they expect to partner with shopping malls, petrol stations and other local retailers.

Via: mocoNews

Author: Andrius

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