Google assures us Android-powered Gphone is coming this year

Though we’ve seen a bunch of video demos in the past that show us just what Google’s Android platform can do, its official release date doesn’t feel like its anywhere near. However, a Google spokesperson says that they are “still on track to announce Android-powered phones this year.”

The same also mentions, “Some of our partners are publicly stating that they plan to ship Android phones in the fourth quarter.”

Google Android

If you think about it, this actually makes sense, since Android doesn’t really need the “Google phone” in order for it to come out to market. We’ve already seen proof that Android can run on devices other than the Gphone, and in fact it should run on any open, generic handset that permits an OS.

What’s not clear, though, is whether Android will really even come out in a so-called Gphone, and if so, how different would the experience in that be from using Android in other manufacturer’s devices.

With the second-gen Apple iPhone’s supposed launch date drawing near, it would only help Google in their mobile phone market venture to release during the last quarter of this year, if not earlier.

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