Helio Ocean2 pops up on FCC site as OZ2

A recent FCC submission from Pantech & Curitel shows us the workings of something that’s tentatively called the Helio OZ2. If you recall, we spotted a photo of the supposed Helio Ocean2 a while back, and our guess is that the OZ2 and Ocean2 are one and the same.

The Helio OZ2 has already been marked approved by the FCC, so that means that this will probably be making its way onto stores some time in the near future. We don’t have specifics regarding the official release date but inside sources say it could be outed from late spring to early summer 2008.

Helio OZ2 FCC

At first glance the Helio Ocean2 looks almost exactly the same as the Helio Ocean, but closer inspection reveals that there has been a few changes regarding the form factor and some of its key features.

Speculations say that the Helio Ocean2 could have a 3 way slider, but so far we haven’t been able to find evidence to support that claim. That would certainly make short work of navigating through the menus, though, since there will be plenty of spots to place navigational buttons on the device.

One thing that’s notable from the illustration, is the new placement of the microSD card slot. Some people will not be happy about this, but the drawing shows that the card slot will be situated under the battery pack. Aside from that the placement of the headphone port and speakers look OK.

If this device does indeed turn out to be the rumored Helio Ocean2, you can expect that it will be an improved version of the first gen model. We’ll try to search for more clues as to its existence for now and will throw additional information about it at you the first chance we get.

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