Nokia 7610 SuperNova official pics

We all know “7610” is just recycled material for Nokia, since they already have an old model smartphone with the same number designation. But if you’ve ever seen a few photos of the new 7610, you’ll find Nokia’s reusing their old product names just a bit more forgiveable.

The new model, called the Nokia 7610 SuperNova, will come in a shiny slider form factor, with much more powerful features than the old 7610. It ditches the smartphone-y S60 UI for Nokia’s swifty S40, which kind of makes it work like a phone, first and foremost, and second as a multimedia machine.

Nokia 7610 SuperNova pics

Aside from the software revamp, the Nokia 7610 SuperNova also brings a few hardware improvements over its last incarnation to the table. In place of the puny 1 megapixel camera the first Nokia 7610 had, the 7610 SuperNova will rock a 3.2 megapixel cam with autofocus and an LED flash. It will also have FM radio with RDS, a built-in music player, and support for external memory via microSD cards.

Its QVGA display supports up to 16 million colors, so that means you’ll probably have a ball watching the 30 fps and VGA resolution videos that you’ve recorded with it. Battery life is typical for a Nokia, which means you’ll be able to use it for a whole day without experiencing any problems.

The only letdown is a minor one: it doesn’t have 3G. It will only work with EDGE, but fortunately it has a quad-band antenna. A presentation of this phone is expected to be made in Singapore on June 17th, presumably along the other phones in the new SuperNova range.

Nokia 7610 SuperNova pics


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