UIQ platform gets full touch controllable browsing with Digia @Web

UIQ-based smartphones are going to get their very first fully finger touch controllable web browser in the form of Digia’s @Web. It’s a web browser that’s based on the open-source webkit browser engine that the iPhone’s Safari and Nokia’s S60 browsers are also ported from.

This couldn’t have come a better time, since more and more users are becoming accustomed to using the browser as their main tool in today’s fast-paced online world. Digia says they want to provide users of UIQ-based handsets the opportunity to see the web as it has been intended.

UIQ platform gets full touch controllable browsing with Digia @Web

The reliability of webkit and the way it allows web content to be seen in true form on mobile phones made it the obvious choice for Digia’s @Web 1.0 browser engine. We haven’t been told what exactly the @Web browser can do but since it is based on the same browser engine as most existing mobile browsers right now, you can expect it to have a few similar features with the others.

During June 2008, Digia’s @Web 1.0 public beta will be available for download, as Digia contributes source code modifications to the webkit engine as necessary. So if you’re a UIQ phone user, you might as well check it out.

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