LG KM710 and KM380

LG Electronics is really pinning its hopes on their music phones in emerging markets. LG has announced the launch of their two types of music phones – the LG KM710 and LG KM380 – in Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa.

Powered by LG Sound Engine, which is the efficient sound boosting technology newly developed by LG, these music phones are expected to do quite well in the markets they have just been released in. This is due to the company’s belief that the music phone has enormous growth potential in these markets.

LG KM710 and KM380

There are also the basic facts that assure LG they have made the right move, including the information offered to us by Strategy Analytics, a market research institute, who tells us that the replacement rate for cell phones in emerging markets in the year 2008 will be 53.5% (293 million units).

The KM710 is the updated version of the LG KM500, and offers many of the same features including lighting effects for the indicator, better speaker, full support GraceNote, and up to 30 hours of music listening.

The KM380 is a music phone that features a slim body and improved audio experience, as well as an mp3 player that uses a “Restoration Technology” which will repair the loss quality from mp3 files.

We will be staying on top of this story to see how it all pans out, but hopes are high on the part of LG that this move will draw a great deal of business to their already lucrative sales.

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