MOSH joins Nokia Media Network

MOSH, a sharing / downloading service and something of a social network for mobile content like themes, ringtones, wallpapers and whatnot has joined the Nokia Media Network, the company announced in an online press release today.

Despite still being in beta, Nokia’s MOSH has a huge user base and has reached nearly 50 million downloads since it’s start. Joining the Nokia Media Network means that “spotlight” ads will be displayed above all organic content of the site.

One of the first customers was Vringo, a US-based video ringtone sharing site, which was more than happy with the results – after running an ad campaign on MOSH, their downloads increased twofold. No wonder as this site gathers the biggest mobile content users.

Nokia Media Network was launched back in February this year; not only it includes Nokia’s own websites, it also has Reuters, Sprint, AccuWeather, Discovery and other big publishers – over 70 in total, resulting in great click-through rates for the advertisers.

Not just great, but simply amazing you could say – has anyone heard of banners getting 10% average click-through rate nowadays when everyone either use browser plugins for blocking or outright ignores them? Sure, there’s good targeting, but maybe the specific audience is part of the reason as well. Perhaps the reason for such good response from visitors of MOSH and other mobile content sites is that they don’t mind discovering new, related websites with more goodies for their phones.


Author: Andrius

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