Italy’s 3 to Apple: “We’re ready when you are”

The Apple iPhone has already been confirmed to be on its way to Italy, courtesy of local telecom operators including TIM and Vodafone, to name a few. But being in the highly competitive telecom market that Italy is, 3 simply cannot stomach not having its own Apple iPhone deal.

That’s why they are taking matters into their own hands, and reaching out to Apple for possibilities of a contract for the touchscreen wonderPhone.

iPhone Italy

In an e-mail sent out by 3 Italy’s Vincent Novari to Apple, or Steve Jobs specifically, “We have given availability’ to accept any contract.” We know they can’t do an exclusive deal anymore like the one Apple did with AT&T, but one wonders what they might really mean: are they willing to pay for a premium price just to get on the iPhone bandwagon, or something else? Anything?

Since 3 had admittedly said that, “we are open to any contract with Apple” that puts Apple in a very good position to do what it is that they do best, which is to call the shots.

At a time when Apple is signing multi-carrier deals for the iPhone all over the world, there seems to be hope for 3 Italy’s plea. It will be a win/win situation for Apple, after all, so the deal is very likely to come true. But in case Apple doesn’t jump the gun with 3, well:

“if they don’t answer us, that means that they have some contract locking us out, and we are gonna ask Antitrust/Competition authorities what the think about such arrangement”

It’s definitely going to be up to Apple, so customers will be left with crossed fingers ’til the day Apple and 3 announce their partnership officially, or there will be a lot of jumping ship going on once the iPhone finally gets released.

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