Nokia to equip Reuters reporters and ‘citizen experts’ with journalism tools

After having a taste of Nokia’s Mobile Journalism Toolkit for on the fly breaking news coverage, Reuters looks to extend and further expand the program to all its reporters and so-called “citizen experts.” With this, the reports and citizen experts will be able to run a story in a timely manner whenever the opportunity arises.

The program, coupled with reporters who never sleep, could quite possibly make Reuters a very good source of real-time reporting, literally. And there will surely be a lot of people from existing camera crews who’s hearts would break knowing this, so let’s not even go there.

Nokia to equip Reuters reporters and \'citizen experts\' with journalism tools

Citizen experts, according to Reuters, however is like “an athlete having a set-up and interviewing teammates behind the scenes,” so don’t expect you can walk up to a Reuters office, claim you’re a citizen journalist, and walk home with a new Nokia.

Reuters acknowledges that the quality of photos and videos taken with Nokia phones are still not on the level of dedicated traditional cameras, but the fact remains that these make breaking news coverage a breeze, and not to mention the feel of being “on the spot.”

As of now, the program hasn’t been officially extended yet, but if it ever does, this will only go to show that old dogs can still learn new tricks, for the better.


Author: David Gonzales

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