3G iPhone should boost Mobile TV usage, says report

The folks from over at Analysys Mason, premier advisers on telecoms, IT and digital media, have written up a report saying that the 3G iPhone’s worldwide release puts Apple in a wonderful position to “have a significant impact on the mobile TV market.”

The prove their point, they bring up key features of the iPhone that could possibly make it the mobile TV or video delivery device of choice for the multitude of consumers who like to enjoy their favorite shows on the go.

3G iPhone should boost Mobile TV usage, says report

The Apple iPhone, as you are probably well aware, has a bright, high resolution, widescreen display that can be best appreciated by watching either video snippets or full length movies.

It also packs quite a large amount of internal memory (for a handheld media player), as well as a slew of connectivity options that would allow for easy video streaming or sideloading of pre-contained video content from computers or other storage devices.

Analysys Mason also offers a few more things that the 3G iPhone could give the worldwide Mobile TV market, including:

Access to a rapidly increasing range of TV and video content provided by Apple or specifically optimised for the iPhone. By May 2008, the iTunes Store had a catalogue of 600 TV programmes and over 1500 films and, by April 2008, Apple iTunes had sold 125 million TV programmes.

The ability to support multiple methods of delivering TV and video content, including sideloading, indoor WLAN and high-speed 3G cellular data access. Sideloading and indoor WLAN minimises the amount of TV and video traffic that needs to be carried on 3G networks, allowing 3G operators to support high rates of mobile TV penetration.

The end outcome of it all, of course, depends on Apple, and whether or not they see the opportunity in the Mobile TV market that Analysys Mason is trying to point out. The iTunes movie rental system looks to be doing good for Apple so far, and let’s not forget about the Apple TV.

So it appears that the only thing left for Apple to do is strike a deal with the different mobile TV broadcasters in their respective countries for us to see the idea of really widespread mobile TV consumption come to fruition.

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