Apple giving out boxes that can’t be opened until June 10th, could hold 3G iPhone

The photo you see here is of a package that Apple is allegedly giving out to numerous resellers in Australia, which might as well be the case with other resellers from different places around the world.

What’s interesting about this package is that according to a note that it comes with, it cannot be opened until June 10th, 2008, which is a date that should be familiar to anyone who’s been following the news about the 3G iPhone’s release date. Could it be that this package already holds the next-gen iPhone?

3G iPhone box NDA until June 10th

It’s just a plain brown box over which a notice on white paper is posted, saying:


If this package really contains the 3G iPhone, then June 10th might be a little off (a day late) if you think about the rumored release date which is on June 9th. But maybe June 10th is the day of official release, while June 9th will only hold the official launch.

Apple hasn’t been kind enough to put an end to all the commotion that the still-unannounced and still un-released 3G iPhone is causing by, uh, announcing and releasing it, but if anything should offer the biggest clue about Apple’s plans, especially since June 9th and June 10th are nothing but a few days away, it could very well be this lonely brown package. We’ll all see soon enough.

Via MacTalk

Author: David Gonzales

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  • Alexander Muse

    So we couldn't resist opening ours. Check out the photos:

  • Kuma

    Urrm June 10th in Australia is June 9 in America. Indeed if the box is legit Australia will have a 3 hour scoop on Steve's presentation.

  • shonankuma

    The owner of the box has declared that it will be opened when he arrives at work on the 10th… no midnight scoops… oh well…

  • David Gonzales

    You're right. I never thought of it that way. So the big day is two days across the world then, June 9th in the US and 10th on the other side.

  • Lawrence

    LOL! Thats awesome..

  • Lawrence

    LOL! Thats awesome..