AT&T store stock rooms hold last Apple iPhone stocks

Now that the rumored launch date of the 3G iPhone is only 3 days away, all the places you’d expect to find the last traces of the old model won’t be able to help you. Neither Apple nor AT&T hold any stocks of the old iPhone, or at least, none that they are willing to sell openly.

As you may probably already know, the old iPhone is held as out of stock in various online stores, and even in Apple’s very own. And an insider tip to BGR tells us that you won’t have any luck waiting for them to replenish their stocks. Not until the new model comes along, that is.


According to a message sent to BGR by “someone who works for AT&T”:

“Just an FYI that as of today, the only iPhones left to sell are those in your inventory rooms in store. There will no longer be any availability online or via direct fulfillment from either or as I understand.

That means that you should leverage this and sell those you have ASAP as you are the ONLY place someone can buy an iPhone at right now!”

Well, at least that confirms that they haven’t really run out of stock after all. Question is, why don’t they just replenish their stocks? We’re not sure what the reason is, but if there’s one, there’s nothing better than that a new model will soon be on the way.

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Author: David Gonzales

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