Windows Sideshow is now available for Windows Mobile devices

A beta version of Windows Sideshow has been made available for Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6.0. Even though the software is a developer-intended beta, you can still try out its current features.

Windows Sideshow is a technology that Microsoft rolled out in Windows Vista. It supports a secondary screen on your mobile PC and allows you to use it to view information, whether the laptop is on, off or in sleep mode. It does this through the use of gadgets, small applications that extend the information on your PC.

The fact that it is now available on mobile devices may open a world of possibilities in terms of controlling your computer from your PDA-phone.

The current developers’ preview allows you to use Windows Sideshow to control Windows Media Player or PowerPoint from your Windows Mobile 5.0 or 6.0 device. Still, the possibilities are endless in the future, considering the modular style of the application.

Programmers could use the software and Managed Application Software Development Kit to build all kinds of new gadgets. You could check your e-mail without an Internet connection on your mobile device, or listen to the MP3 files on your computer without even starting it.

The beta can be downloaded here.


Author: bogdan

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