Samsung takes Motorola’s place in India’s mobile phone market

As if the absence of news about Motorola’s upcoming handsets or anything about the company hasn’t made it obvious enough, a recent report indicates that Samsung has taken over the ailing handset maker’s place in the Indian market.

Motorola is kicked down to third by Samsung as it takes over second place. Now Motorola only holds 6% of the Indian mobile market, while Samsung gets 7%, Sony Ericsson has 8%, and Nokia continues to reign as it does elsewhere owning 70% mobile phone market share.

Samsung takes Motorola\'s place in India\'s mobile phone market

This is actually not so surprising, given the fact that Samsung has been able to churn out fairly remarkable phone after phone. And with Motorola looking like it has genuinely lost its flame, Samsung’s work to take over the market is made even easier.

And now, since Sony Ericsson’s market share is only 1% greater, there is a very huge possibility that Samsung will be able to take over its place. The only monster left then, would be Nokia, but at the rate things are going, I doubt Samsung will be able to turn the tables against it any time soon.

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