Sling confirms plans to roll out SlingPlayer for iPhone

I’m sure you already know the 101 reasons why you should switch from your current mobile to the iPhone, but so far, SlingPlayer Mobile isn’t one of those.

Well, things are about to change very soon, as Sling has confirmed that it has started working on porting SlingPlayer Mobile to the Apple iPhone.

SlingPlayer on iPhone

In an e-mail sent out by the good folks over at Sling, they say that a “proof of concept” of the SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone is already in the works, but they don’t intend to release this to customers yet. They’ll be waiting for the official release of the iPhone SDK shortly after the WWDC 2008, where the next-generation iPhone is expected to be announced.

Here’s the full text of Sling’s e-mail.

“Ever since the Apple iPhone hit the market, we’ve been receiving inquiries as to when we’ll have a version of SlingPlayer Mobile for the platform. To date we’ve only expressed our desire to support the platform when it is possible to do so. But with the Apple WWDC kicking off this week, we’re now ready to show off a bit of what we’ve done.

We do not intend to make this available to customers, it is a proof of concept. We are looking forward to the iPhone SDK becoming publicly available this week and fully intend to develop SlingPlayer Mobile using the SDK and are looking forward to selling it through the iTunes store. We started the development process before the SDK was available to characterize the performance of the platform and ensure that we could deliver a high quality customer experience on the iPhone & iPod Touch platforms. The results have been very promising and we are eagerly awaiting the SDK’s release so we can hopefully leverage what we have done already to deliver SlingPlayer Mobile for iPhone.”

Via Mobility Today

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