Motorola and Paramount Pictures working on new movie download service

If Motorola has its way, it should be able to open a new movie download store to its millions of customers all over the world. This movie download service is part of a deal that it has signed together with Paramount Pictures, and will start in the UK before being made available elsewhere.

Motorola’s new movie download service is set to launch in the UK, as earlier mentioned, and will be launched shortly thereafter in Germany, Italy, Spain and France.


What’s note-worthy about Motorola and Paramount’s new movie download service is that mobile downloads are not yet supported. In order for users to take part in the service, they will first need to download the movies to their PCs before they can copy these over to they Motorola mobile phones.

Movies from this Motorola’s new movie download service will cost up to £8.99 a piece. And with prices of DVDs and movie tickets on the decline, this looks like a strike for Moto – again.

Via Pocket Lint

Author: David Gonzales

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