Nokia N85 seen in the wild

By now it should be common knowledge that today is just not the best day to introduce a new handset, unless of course your name sounds like “Apple,” or your product is called “iPhone.” You see, you wouldn’t want to be hidden in the shadow of what is quite possibly the most famous handset ever made to date.

Anyway, although Nokia has been very tight-lipped about its next flagship handsets, and sometimes all we have to go by are a couple of online demos that were carelessly uploaded to soon, there are still those instances when we stumble upon live, real-life pictures that just start our motors running like nothing else out there, such as this.

Nokia N85 in the wild

This handset doesn’t even have a name yet, as indicated in the white markings near its top left corner where it says “N00.” But we’re told that this could very well be the much-rumored Nokia N85. And to think we thought it would look fairly like the one rendered in this old patent filing from Nokia.

This device lacks an upfront numeric keypad, but knowing Nokia, they’ve probably got some kind of slide-out keyboard or thumbpad hidden underneath it. It has an ambient light sensor, a front facing camera, and we’re told that it rocks a 5 megapixel snapper behind, as well as built-in GPS and geotagging feature.

We don’t know when this handset will officially see the light of day, but it should come out soon enough, since a few Nokia’s are currently on the way as I write this.

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  • nokian85

    Wow, I want one

  • nokian85

    Wow, I want one