Third-party apps and games built from iPhone SDK showcased

Along with Apple’s new 3G iPhone, a slew of iPhone SDK-made apps will debut. Some of these are expected to be free, while the rest will be made available for a price that only developers can determine. So far, there have been a few interesting apps showcased, with useful clients, utilities and games.

The first app that was demoed on stage in WWDC 2008 was Super Monkey Ball from Sega. This version includes a total of 110 stages and all four classic monkeys of the game. A racing game called CroMag Rally and some type of adventure game from Digital Legends Entertainment were also demoed, all taking advantage of the iPhone’s built-in sensors such as the accelerometer.

supermonkeyball on iPhone

It’s interesting to note that more games like these will be coming to the iPhone and iPod Touch as the new software is released (iPhone 2.0), giving Apple a competitive start on the portable gaming market now being owned by Nintendo and Sony with the DS and PSP respectively.

Along with the games, the iPhone SDK will also bring a native eBay bidding client called “Auctions,” a local news-retrieval client from Associated Press, a social-networking app called Loopt, and a native blogging app for TypePad users.

So far, all the iPhone apps look good, but not all of them are free. The three games earlier mentioned will cost $9.99 each. This is Apple’s first foray into the portable gaming market, but judging from the demoes, the pricing isn’t so bad.

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