Sprint to Simplify Rate Plans June 15

In a world that grows increasingly complex and more complicated, leave it to Sprint to look into its crisis monitor and come to the rescue! Sources close to Sprint have confirmed to PhoneArena that on June 15, our favorite CDMA/iDEN mess (read:only CDMA/iDEN mess) will be merging Sprint and Nextel rate plans and simplifying them.

Going away are the Power Pack and Free Incoming plans, but new to the family will be mix-and-match plans in which iDEN, CDMA, QChat, and hybrid phones can all be under the same plan. Believe me, this is a long time coming; we can start to feel like Sprint and Nextel have officially merged finally!

Individual plans will stay pretty much the same:

  • Talk plans – $39.99 for 450 mins; $59.99 for 900 mins.
  • Talk/Message/Connect (unlimited messaging and Direct Connect) – $49.99 for 450 mins; $69.99 for 900 mins; $89.99 gets you unlimited mins.
  • Everything (unlimited messaging, direct connect, internet, email, TV, and navigation) – $69.99 for 450 mins; $89.99 for 900 mins; $99.99 for unlimited mins.

Shared plans will be slightly different:

  • Talk for 2 lines – $69.99 for 700 mins; $9.99 for add’l lines (up to 5 total lines in the plan).
  • Talk/Message for 2 lines – $99.99 for 1500 mins; $149.99 for 3000 mins. Both plans include unlimited messaging. Add’l lines $9.99.
  • Talk/Message/Data – $129.99 for 1500 mins; $169.99 for 3000 mins. Both plans include unlimited messaging, internet, TV, and navigation. Add’l lines $19.99.
  • Direct Connect available on all shared plans for $10.

PhoneArena also says the $5 incremental discount for additional Simply Everything plans are still available as well for users who need an unlimited option.

This comes right in time for the release of the much-anticipated Instinct. Instinct owners must be on either an Everything plan or Talk/Message/Data Share. The $70 starting point, as discussed earlier on UV, will be competitive with the 3G iPhone, which plans will start at $70 but won’t include the navigation, messaging, or TV.

via PhoneArena

Author: Brad Molen

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