MTV and SpinVox Team Up to Offer First Ever Integrated Voice Powered Social Networking Campaign

SpinVox, a British technology company who is the first in services converting voicemails to text messaging, has teamed up with the infamous MTV and their Staying Alive Foundation, an HIV and AIDS charity, to launch a joint campaign titled “Stand by What You Say”.

The purpose of this campaign is to encourage young people to learn more about HIV/AIDS and what the disease is all about, and to offer awareness and ensure that people are as educated as possible.

SpinVox and MTV

The campaign incorporates the use of SpinVox by using its services to convert the voice messages that people leave in to text. Pledges are also being accepted for the cause, and anyone interested can donate money to the Staying Alive Foundation.

Bill Roedy, CEO of MTV Networks International, showed how happy they are to be a part of this campaign, stating that “MTV is proud to be a part of this innovative campaign. It is only by speaking out openly about sex, sexual health and HIV/AIDS, that attitudes can be changed, barriers broken and stigma reduced”.

This is definitely an interesting story, and you can visit the SpinVox website for more information on this.

Via: PR Newswire

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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  • Jess12

    Do we have to pay for Spinvox itself? Cus Youmail does voice to text for free…

  • Jess12

    Do we have to pay for Spinvox itself? Cus Youmail does voice to text for free…