Sniff Phone Service Launched in UK

Sniff is a mobile phone service that offers mobile users the ability to track down friends and family from all over the globe.

With it you are able to find your friends’ mobile phones using your mobile phone or on the Web, but you cannot be found by other users without first giving your permission.

This useful service is now launching in the UK, and although at the present time the service costs 50£ per successful sniff, thoughts are that this will eventually become ad-funded.


The sign-up procedure is very quick and easy to do. You text ‘now’ to 60506 to register, and then you text the word ‘invite’ + friend’s name + friend’s mobile number to 60505, and once they accept you can sniff them at any time afterwards and find out exactly where they are.

Sniff is a closed network where location information is only shared with trusted people which is reassuring to users who want to ensure that their personal information stays private from people they don’t want it shared with.

The easiest way to sniff is with your mobile using text but you also have the option of using the Facebook application. Check out the Sniff website for more information on this and to get started.

Via: IntoMobile

Author: Stasys Bielinis

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