Man banned from owning a camera phone for filming a woman in an airport toilet

Samuel Ong, an 19-year-old Singaporean student was banned from using a camera phone for a year after he secretly filmed a woman who was, like Borat would say, “making a toilet”.

The incident occurred in Singapore’s Changi Airport. The victim reported Ong to the police, and now the peeping teen has to do 60 hours of community service and undergo psychiatric treatment, among other things. His parents also had to sign a bond worth around $3300 to ensure that their kid will be a good boy from now on.

Well, this here is just a piece of bizarre news – it just shows, however, how much privacy problems can camera phones cause. Oddly, these issues seem to be more prominent in Asia – perhaps because of how popular cell phones are there or maybe because of other, social reasons – but I am no expert here, of course.

In South Korea and Japan, for example, all camera phones sold must make a loud sound when taking a picture – this law was passed in order to reduce the number of upskirt photos being taken (one does wonder how big this problem was exactly if it required a creation of a specific law!). In Singapore itself, camera phones are banned in a number of places, including schools and all governmental buildings.

Via: Reuters

Author: Andrius

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