Multiplied Media launches Poynt for BlackBerry beta in North America

BlackBerry users will soon get something quite similar to the now existing Whrrl app, in the form of Poynt, a local all-in-one search tool that’s available now as a free download.

Poynt is currently in its beta testing stage, but that shouldn’t stop you from going right ahead and downloading the mobile app right off Poynt’s web site now, should it?

Multiplied Media launches BlackBerry Poynt beta in North America

This mobile app uses a BlackBerry’s GPS tracking capabilities and IP detection in order to let a user connect to retailers and theaters whenever they feel like buying or paying for various products and services.

For now, Poynt for BlackBerry is only available in North America, and it is expected to become available in Europe by fall of this year.

Download Poynt for BlackBerry

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