Verizon Adds MyCircle Plans for Business

Just a matter of days after it acquired Alltel Wireless for $30 billion, Verizon is beginning to take advantage of its latest purchase by offering some of their services.

It was announced that Verizon is planning on utitilizing a MyCircle-type plan for its small business customers. Simply, for an extra $5 per line it will offer unlimited calling to 5 different phone numbers. Only customers on the Verizon Freedom for Business plans will get the opportunity to enjoy this plan.

Will this mycircle plan eventually extend out to the regular customers, or just simply be an extra incentive for businesses to sign up? Only time will tell.

This does make us wonder what other plans Verizon has up their sleeves as a result of the acquisition of Alltel. Will Chad and Testman guy be hanging out together in the commercials? If so, Chad will be doing all the talking; Testman will just sit there and nod (and say the occasional one-line sentence we all know).

via RCR News

Author: Brad Molen

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