eReader for iPhone and iPod Touch in the works

While the iPhone wasn’t really designed with e-book readers in mind, it turned out to be a pretty good e-book reader anyway, offering easy page panning and navigation with its multi-touch display.

However to read e-books on the iPhone or iPod Touch, you need to have an application that would let you do so. Which is what Fictionwise says they are working on right now: a version of eReader built from the iPhone SDK.

eReader for iPhone and iPod Touch in the works

eReader is one of the many great reader applications available right now, where users can purchase and store a wide selection of e-books for a superb reading experience. James from over at JKOnTheRun let us in on the details of the upcoming eReader for iPhone/iPod Touch.

In an e-mail sent out by the folks from Fictionwise:

Apple released their SDK for iphone/itouch on March 6. We have two Mac development experts doing the work to make eReader function on the iphone/itouch right now. Apple will allow third party applications, like eReader, to be used by customers after the next iPhone/iTouch firmware update which is currently estimated to be released on June 30 and we expect to be done with our porting work at about the same time.

However, there is also a wild card in that Apple must approve of each and every application released for iphone/itouch, and we are currently seeking information about what the criteria are to qualify. We will certainly support these devices if we possibly can and Apple allows it.

Thank you!

Best Regards,

Fictionwise/eReader Support Team

That makes it pretty clear that a version of eReader for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPhone 3G is on the way. The only question now is, will Apple approve it? We’ll find out in a few weeks.

Via JKOnTheRun

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