Google makes mobile search faster, improves mobile iGoogle

Google moves further ahead of the game as it updates both the mobile version of its web site and mobile iGoogle, giving users faster and easier access to their data on their cellphones.

According to their official statement, accessing the Google homepage on your cellphone should be “almost instantaneous,” since its cache will be stored on your phone when you navigate to for the first time.

Google makes mobile search faster, improves mobile iGoogle

Other than speeding up and making things simpler for Google Mobile, mobile iGoogle also received a few improvements, also regarding speed and simplicity.

Now, users will be able to access their mobile-compatible gadgets anytime, anywhere, since they’re linked directly from the new mobile homepage. Setting up the mobile iGoogle page is made easier from the desktop and users may do this by accessing their iGoogle setting page on a computer and doing the necessary arrangements (or re-arrangements) from there.

You can try this right now by signing in to your iGoogle and setting things up. And don’t worry about not having an iPhone; these improvements are available on non-iPhone devices as well.

Via The Official Google Mobile Blog

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