Mozilla’s Mobile Firefox a.k.a. Fennec expected to launch on September

Probably all of the people who have tried out and fallen in love with Firefox on the desktop are wondering when a mobile version of the awesome browser will come out. Well, Mozilla Europe President Tristan Nitot had something to say regarding that.

Tristan Nitot had both good news and bad news regarding the release of Mobile Firefox. The good news is, Mobile Firefox is already in the works, with versions for several platforms included in the plans (for Windows Mobile, Symbian, and Linux). However, there is bad news: Mozilla Firefox will not be coming to iPhone and Android, ever. At least, not as things stand.

Mozilla\'s Firefox Mobile a.k.a. Fennec expected to launch on September

There are a few things that will hinder the mobile version of Firefox (also known under the code name “Fennec”) from being ported onto the said platforms, and there is nothing that Mozilla can do in its power to change that.

On his blog, Tristan Nitot explains:

For the iPhone, Apple’s licence can not install software to have an interpreted language. But Firefox includes JavaScript, which makes it legally impossible to carry on the iPhone….For Android, Webkit is integrated into the OS, and only Java applications can run. And Firefox is not written in Java. So that’s why [Fennec will not run on Android]. However, in both cases, things may change in future, but it does not depend on Mozilla.

So as it is, there’s no way users of Android-powered devices and the iPhone will ever experience mobile Firefox, while the vast majority of WinMo and Symbian smartphone users take front row seat and share in the fun. Hopefully, both Google and Apple will take action about the things that could possibly prevent mobile Firefox from reaching their devices, since it appears to be in the best interest of everybody anyway.

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