New BlackBerry Kickstart live pics show it needs a diet

Eh, so RIM doesn’t really have experience in making clamshell flip phones in the past, and that makes the minute design flaws in the upcoming BlackBerry Kickstart forgiveable? It depends.

Actually, I can’t say that the BlackBerry Kickstart has design flaws, per se, but compared to Nokia’s most recent clamshell flip phone (Nokia 6205 The Dark Knight Edition), the Kickstart looks like it was done by an amateur.

BlackBerry Kickstart live pics show it needs a diet

OK, well, RIM is an “amateur” in the clamshell flip phone business, so… and here’s the BlackBerry Kickstart in all its wide-bodied folding glory. They did quite a fine job with morphing the QWERTY keys to fit into a numerical keypad, and the shiny portions of the casing look attractive.

Really, this phone looks nothing like the handsets that RIM is famous for, and only time will tell whether or not this new one receives a warm welcome from consumers.

Via CrackBerry

Author: David Gonzales

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