Sharp to try its luck in Chinese cellphone market with Aquos clamshell phone

Although Sharp is having very little success in markets that are outside its home country of Japan, it has announced plans to venture into China’s mobile phone market with a new high-end Aquos phone.

Currently, Sharp sells mobile phones in Japan, US, Europe, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. With this move, they will be vying against leading cellphone makers Nokia, Samsung, and Motorola for China’s 547 million-plus strong mobile market.

Sharp to try its luck in Chinese cellphone market with Aquos clamshell phone

This won’t be an easy task for Sharp, given that the Chinese mobile phone market is very hard to crack, and the fact that other Japanese cellphone makers who used to operate in China have pulled out of the market several years ago.

The selling point that Sharp is trying to push, however, seems to go against what users in China’s mobile market long for. Sharp takes pride in the high-quality LCD displays on its phones, and is aiming for China’s high-end cellphone market, but it is said that many Chinese actually prefer cheaper phones that can be upgraded frequently.

Sharp aims to release its first ever Aquos cellphone in China later this month for 4,480 Yuan or about $648 USD. For the price, it offers a 3.2 megapixel camera, built-in Web browser, and a horizontally rotating screen in a clamshell form factor. It will be sold initially through one of China’s largest cellphone retailers, Dixintong, and will be released through mass-market retailers by the end of the year.


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