Samsung seeking to grow in Finland

Samsung, the world’s second biggest mobile phone producer, has announced of their plans to increase company’s market share in Finland.

It is, of course, Nokia’s home turf, so it comes as no surprise that Nokia has 86% market share there, compared to Samsung’s measly 6%. Samsung does plan to eat into that eighty-six percent though.

Mika Engblom, the head of Samsung’s sales department in Finland was quoted saying that the company plans to increase their share of the market to at least 15%, the same they had back in 2005 when Samsung introduced clamshell phones in the country.

Samsung’s main weapon in the battle for the Finnish market will be touchscreen phones; the company ran a survey that showed great interested in these, especially among the older part of the population. The new i900 Omnia is one of the devices that company will introduce in Finland, the spokesman of Samsung said.

While the Finnish mobile phone market is by no means large, it is a mature one, and as such important for phone makers as it’s one of the markets that sets the trends to the rest of the world.

Another important market is, of course, South Korea – and here the roles of Samsung and Nokia are reversed, as it is Nokia entering Korean market, which is currently dominated by Samsung and other 3 big companies (namely LG, Pantech and Motorola). Nokia’s attempts have not been very lucky so far, I might add.

Via: Reuters

Author: Andrius

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