iPhone AirRemote to set you back $250, let you control everything in your home

Those lazy young’ns will find yet another way to automate all the devices lying inside their homes, and it involves the poster-child of all touchscreen phones since the day of its inception, the iPhone.

You see, a fellow named Steve Moore has created a two-part system in the UK that should let iPhone/ iPod Touch users control a wide array of items in their homes remotely. And all that’s needed is a single piece of hardware and one rather pricey iPhone application.

iPhone AirRemote to set you back $250, let you control everything in your home

The hardware, costing around $150, is a certain Global Cache GC-100 Network Adapter that should work with an app called AirRemote when it comes out in the iPhone App Store on July 11th of this year.

The AirRemote app should also play nicely with existing AMX or Crestron home automation systems and let users operate lights, security, audio/video, thermostat, and just about any other setup that’s connected to an AMX or Creston system, they say.

AirRemote also adds a nifty feature to CoverFlow on the iPhone/ iPod Touch, and links all the cover art to the Web where you’ll be able to see more info about the each particular song, according to Moore.

This all sounds like a very good deal until you hear the price that you’re going to have to pay, though. The AirRemote app, when it finally comes out in the App Store, will cost $100. And that’s half of what the new iPhone will cost. At first, this would of course seem like overpricing. But then again, if you want to sit in the lap of luxury and convenience at every minute of the day, you should at least be ready to shoulder the consequences, right?

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