Nokia E71 gets first full review, looks like a phone for the ladies

Now that the cat’s officially out of the bag (and with cat I mean the Nokia E71), the first full review has finally been posted. The verdict? It’s a scaled-down full-featured business-centric Nokia Eseries phone that best represents the words “beauty and brains.” The Nokia E71 looks good on paper, but take my word for it, it looks better in real life. At least as far as all the live pics we’ve seen of it are concerned.

“The Nokia E71 is in the building,” writes All About Symbian’s Steve Litchfield, and says “There’s a lot to really like in this latest Eseries miniaturised masterpiece.” Virtually all the great features from the most recent Eseries handsets were taken and squeezed into the E71’s 10mm sweet candy bar casing. The only let down in shrinking the phone’s body, is in the shrinking itself, because it makes the keys just a tad bit more inaccessible to some users with fairly large fingers. But the size will surely be appreciated by on-the-go businesswomen and other business-minded ladies, I’m sure.

Nokia E71 gets first full review, looks like a phone for the ladies

All About Symbian’s Nokia E71 review concludes with the following paragraphs:

The build quality is fabulous, the styling striking (within the qwerty world, anyway), the communications options vast, text input potentially fast and flexible, the software support and built-in enterprise features almost second to none. And all in something that’s as thin as your average feature phone. Which is almost certainly enough to ensure strong sales to the usual Eseries audience.

The E71 fills a very important gap in the line up of 2nd generation Eseries device. While the E90 is an extremely capable device, its form factor and price point make it rather niche. The E51 is a great entry level enterprise device, but lacks the power that a full size keyboard provides. The completed portfolio of 2nd generation Eseries devices (E51, E66, E71, E90) has a real sense of maturity about it. This comes from the hardware (variety across the range, build quality and feature set), but also the software – the enterprise applications, and crucially, the enterprise device management options have been significantly improved. The Nokia E71 and its sisters look set to give Nokia’s Enterprise rivals (Blackberry and Windows Mobile – and, yes, in time the iPhone) some sleepless nights.

A tougher call is for those buying the E71 for personal use, as the smallest qwerty-equipped S60 device. While the keyboard is very useable for anyone with nimble fingers, I found the multimedia side of the E71 disappointing, from the relatively low (compared to other recent S60 mainstays like 2006’s N95) camera quality to the undistinguished audio and video playback. The E71 is better than the E61i, hugely so, but in truth I’d hoped for a little bit more, given that this is now mid 2008. And yes, I know the E71 is built to come in at an attractive price, but… Don’t let these slight negatives put you off investigating this great smartphone all rounder though.

If anything, this is another great addition to Nokia’s continually expanding Eseries line. And knowing the the Nokia E66 has almost the same features in a different form factor, it looks like Nokia will pretty much have a lot of areas covered, at least until July comes and other much-awaited smartphones are launched.

Hop on over to All About Symbian for the full Nokia E71 review.

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