Sony Ericsson P5i Paris is actually P10?

We’ve had some disputes regarding the real name of the Sony Ericsson P5i before, with some rumors saying that it’s actually called the P200. Tomorrow is the expected date of its official launch in Amsterdam, and as SE prepares for the big day, it has revealed that the 5 megapixel slider will actually be the Sony Ericsson P10.

So it’s not really the P5, and not even the Paris. Officially it will be the Sony Ericsson P10 and will be launched alongside four other handsets, namely, the G702 BeiBei, the F305 Fun phone, the S302 Snapshot phone, and the 8 megapixel C905 Cybershot.

Sony Ericsson P5i Paris is actually P10?

Confirmation about this rumor can be found from Sony Ericsson’s web site itself, where product pages for the five to-be-launched handsets have already been prepared.

The product pages for the C905, F305, G702, and S302 have already been put up nicely, with the correct URLs and the correct product names in place.

But one thing that’s not in order is the appearance of a certain P10 in the newly prepared product pages. Which shows a the actual product page generated without no product data. While trying to get to a products named like P200, P5, P5i, or similar gets you only an “Error 404m page not found” message.

Which leads us to believe that it’s where the upcoming “Paris” phone will be displayed on SE’s site, whenever it’s announced.

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