Adobe Prepping Flash for iPhone

Ever since the original iPhone was released, customers have been rather disappointed by Apple’s decision not to include Flash support. When the 3G iPhone was announced, there was still no mention of Flash even though it was on everyone’s wish list.Flash

Today we received official word from Adobe chief Shantanu Narayen that they are working on a version of Flash for the iPhone, and are currently using it via their emulator.

This is great news, except for the fact that even with a perfect version, Apple still has to give its okay to Adobe to start selling it through the App Store. At this point, Apple is rumored to have other Flash competitors such as Sproutcore in the works. So Adobe will have to do a lot of convincing to get Apple to take it.

Adobe Flash

At the very least, as long as we have some type of Flash player on the iPhone that works well with multimedia, I think most people will be happy. Adobe Flash would be nice, but with such a long wait I think all of us would be more surprised to see it actually go through.

via Gizmodo

Author: Brad Molen

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