Apple Settles Visual Voicemail Suit

It took 6 months, but Klausner Technology is getting theirs. Earlier today Apple settled a lawsuit with Klausner alleging Apple infringed on two different patents when they implemented their Visual Voicemail feature in the iPhone.

Klausner has filed successful suits with other industry giants such as Vonage and AOL, and can now claim another victory. Apple and AT&T, as part of the settlement, decided to license the technology in order to continue using it on the current and future iPhones.

While the specific amount owed is not known, Klausner had originally requested damages and future royalties worth $360 million.

Visual Voicemail

With this victory, Klausner is now setting its sights on other things, such as licensing deals with eBay, Comcast and Cablevision, all of whom Klausner had suits pending on.

via AppleInsider

Author: Brad Molen

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