AT&T Focuses on Blocking SMS Messages

We are finding out that AT&T is joining the ranks of wireless providers who are working to give the consumer the ability to filter out messages coming into their phones.

The Uneasy Silence blog is getting a lot of attention today after its discovery of a page deep within AT&T’s site that lets you change your messaging preferences…to a degree. On the site, the customer has the option of blocking or filtering any SMS or MMS messages that are coming from email addresses.

While some may not find this useful, this is certainly a step in the right direction.


Uneasy Silence reports that in response to an email inquiry, AT&T mentioned they are working on specific number blocking as well. Once implemented, this will allow you to block desperate ex-girlfriends trying to win you back or at least stop worrying about getting harassing texts from strangers.

via Uneasy Silence

Author: Brad Molen

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