Garmin Nuvifone in White?

Add this one to the rumor mill. Navigadget is reporting that a reader has sent them a couple pictures of the forthcoming Garmin Nuvifone in white.

Could these pictures be real? Nobody is certain as to whether the photos are shopped or not, and Garmin has not given any official word on even planning on releasing a white version of the highly anticipated phone. The only color that has been announced thus far is black.

The release of the phone is still a ways away; all we know is that it is scheduled to come out during Q3 of this year. It serves to be a primary companion to the 3G iPhone in AT&T’s smartphone lineup.

There is no word of pricing for the Nuvifone, though it had been rumored to be close to $500.

White Nuvifone

via NaviGadget

Author: Brad Molen

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