LG Secret KF750/KF755 review

LG Secret KF750 is the third model in LG’s Black Label series and the successor to Chocolate and Shine fashion phones.

We were watching all the LG KF750 Secret pre-launch hype, with early KF750 leaks and official LG KF750 Black Label Series 3 pre-announcement leading up to official unveiling of LG Secret a bit sceptically.

We know that Black Label series phones are THE major sellers for LG, but for us, mobile geeks, it’s just another pretty lame mobile fashion phone. So we expected LG’s Secret to be nothing more but a bit soaped up Shine or Chocolate – yet another fashion gimmick for the girls.

Well, we were wrong. There was a lot of reason behind LG’s excessive marketing hype for LG KF750/KF755 Secret. It’s a great great looking, feature rich phone , that would give any high end mobile handset a run for it’s money. And it has plenty of cool and unexpected features that we’ll talk about in the following review.

LG Secret KF750 / KF755 Video Review

As they say, the picture is worth a thounsand words, so let’s start with the video review of LG Secret KF750:

And, if you are not inclined to sit through 10+ minutes of my rambling, read on further.

LG Secret design and materials

LG Secret KF750 is a slim slider that not only looks impressive, but is made from quality materials as well. The face panel is completely covered with tempered glass which is very resistant to scratches – scissors didn’t leave any mark on ours. There’s a sleek and shiny metallic frame all around it except for the top of the phone, where leather-textured plastic takes place. The sides and the bottom of the phone are made from rubbery Soft-Touch plastic for easier grip, and the battery cover is produced from carbon fiber – same composite material like the one used in spaceships. On top of this all, the quality of assemblage of the phone is also very good.

The face panel of LG KF750 Secret combines scratch-resistant glass with leather-textured plastic and sleek metal frame:


Next to the second built-in camera which is used for video calls, there’s a an ambient light sensor that allows the phone to adjust the contrast of the screen and the keyboard backlight automatically.

LG KF-750 Secret controls

The main control element of the phone is a touch panel with haptics/vibration force-feedback; it also responds to commands with blue illumination. The “OK” button in the middle is mechanical; so are the three buttons (“Accept”, “Decline” and “C”) below the touch panel, and, naturally, the keypad itself. The latter is made from plastic; the keys aren’t very large, but comfortable and usable enough.

The touch panel of LG Secret is equipped with haptics:


On the left side of the phone, there’s only the port for connecting the charger or the headset. On the opposite side we have a volume control scroll, a camera button and two rather interesting keys which open the “secrets” of the phone (pun intended) – but we’ll talk about them a bit later.

Left side:


Right side:


LG Secret KF750/KF755 software

The menu of the LG KF750 Secret looks typical for an LG phone, with the exception of a new item “Google” which lists all popular services of this company such as Search, Mail, Blogger, Maps and YouTube.

The browser installed on the phone is pretty interesting: it is functional enough, and can also change the screen mode from portrait to landscape and back depending on the orientation of the device (horizontal or vertical).

One of the cool points of LG Secret – is it’s multi-tasking capability. E.g. you can launch several applications on the phone, minimizing inactive ones to the tray to run in the background. Granted, LG Viewty had this capability as well, but with LG Secret KF750 you can launch and minimize as many apps as you want, so long as you don’t run out of memory. If you do, new applications simply won’t launch – you won’t even get a warning or anything like that.

It’s debatable whether this is true multitasking or not (as minimized applications don’t actually work in background), but it’s progress on LG’s part nevertheless. You can freely switch between minimized applications and listen to music with your MP3 player simultaneously. As for the MP3 player itself, it became more functional as well, finally getting an equalizer and support for Album art.

The menu of LG KF750 Secret will look familiar to you if you’ve used LG phones before:

But these features are not the main “secret” of the phone, either.

Who would have thought that an ordinary fashion phone like LG Secret would have a touch-screen display as well. Especially when touch features doesn’t normally reveal themselves at all!

To enable the Touch media functionality, you have to press “Touch media” key – one of the two “magic” keys on the right side of LG Secret that I wrote about earlier (the first key starts the Task Manager, for multi-tasking features).

This will make the phone switch to Touch mode and enable you to use applications optimized for finger touch, such as Music, Photos (which too have automatic switching between landscape and portrait modes), Documents (Secret can view .doc, .xls and .pdf files), FM Radio, and finally, M-Toys. Like the name suggests, it is a collection of very interesting games, most of which make use of the built-in accelerometer as well.

The menus are transformed when in Touch media mode to allow for easier navigation:


LG KF750/KF755 Secret Camera

The built-in camera of LG’s KF750 Secret not only has good specifications (5 MPx resolution and an autofocus), but great video capabilities as well. Besides the high-speed video recording function that Viewty had (120 frames per second), KF 750 Secret is also capable of slow shooting mode (recording at 7.5 FPS and then speeding the clips for viewing at standard 30 FPS).

LG Secret is equipped with a good 5 megapixel camera:



LG Secret KF750 / KF755is the first model of the company in a very long time that has managed to really impress me. LG KF-750 Secret is a premium fashion phone that looks and feels great; at the same time, it’s also packed with almost every feature and function that LG is capable of putting on their products. The design, friendliness towards the user and the functionality are all outstanding.

There also are some downsides that need to be noted. The capacity of the battery is a bit disappointing – it only lasts 24 hours under heavy use (music, wireless data, camera, video, etc;) . Another substantial downside is the cost of the LG KF750, which in the beginning will be somewhere around $650.

Still, overall it’s a great handset. If you are searching for a very good looking, feature rich mobile handset, and have some money to spare – LG Secret is a great choice.

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  • Ronald

    very nice…
    is't a PDA phone?
    cause it doesn't look like one but then is sounds a little like one..

  • professor

    Its sluggish as capacitive touch

  • henk

    how do you get the clock as background?

  • Joe

    Thanks 4 the help!

  • Koma

    It’s a custom Flash wallpaper in swf format.
    You can get it here:

    It’s totally worth its 2 $

  • anonymous

    Just so you guys know the software running the phone sucks. The aesthetics are great, but prepare for some major headaches.

    Example: There is a limit of 1000 text messages, regardless of how much storage space you have, and even if you move them to a folder. Worse, the phone software (for the computer) is horrible also, so you might have trouble saving your old text messages.

    Another example: Slow response.

    I have this phone and like it overall, but only because of its looks.

    Also be warned that although the camera lens is good, the flash is horrible. I don't know why they cheaped out on it by putting an led flash, but you're not going to be able to get a decent looking picture under low light, since the colors will look very bad.

  • elmira

    ohhhh.i have it .its woonderfull.

  • Rachaelm

    hey, just wonderin what or is there a difference between the kf750 and the kf755


  • vafa

    It's vary nice and….

  • vafa

    It's vary nice and….