Visual Voicemail Coming to Verizon

As a follow-up to its MyCircle and next-gen PTT announcements, Verizon has taken another step into new territory by announcing it will offer Visual Voicemail on some of its phones by the end of this summer.

Ironically this announcement came the same day Apple and AT&T officially licensed the technology for their iPhone as part of a lawsuit settlement; it also comes as Sprint prepares to launch it on their Samsung Instinct on Friday.

Verizon plans to have Visual Voicemail on a few select handsets — LG Chocolate 3, LG “Voyager Refresh”, Motorola “Utopia” and Motorola “Blaze” — by the end of July or early August. However, it will come at a cost; while AT&T and Sprint will offer the service for free, Verizon will require a $1.99/month subscription.

LG Voyager

Visual Voicemail will be easy for the customer to get, as it will be available as a BREW download that the customer can just get whenever they sign up for the service. It is definitely exciting to see the concept of Visual Voicemail spreading throughout the wireless industry, and not just on the iPhone.

via Engadget Mobile

Author: Brad Molen

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