Is a Blackjack 3 Touchscreen Coming to AT&T?

The Samsung i788, the North American version of the Samsung i780, is rumored to be on the horizon for AT&T’s network, according to WMExperts. As the tale goes, product reps at a meeting for store managers couldn’t help themselves and started flashing the device around.

Now, the i788 would likely be the official name because that particular model is supposed to have the correct 3G bands for AT&T’s network. Blackjack 3 hasn’t been mentioned by anyone yet, but just by looking at the pictures the resemblance is quite close to both of the Blackjacks sold by AT&T thus far.

Some things pointed out by the anonymous tipster: a little thicker than the BlackJack II, will be equipped with WinMo 6.1 Professional edition, comes with mouse pointer and stylus, and was branded with the AT&T logo.

Blackjack 3?

All signs point to AT&T, but we won’t say for sure until we are absolutely certain.

via WMExperts via BoyGeniusReport

Author: Brad Molen

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