Softbank iPhone pricing plans leaked?

So the iPhone 3G as we know it will have a somewhat affordable price once it starts to roll out globally on July 11th, at least as far as the US and Europe is concerned, but what about the other countries?

Softbank was the lucky telco who bagged the iPhone deal in Japan, and although they haven’t outed anything about the iPhone deal yet except to say that it will come out on the official worldwide rollout date, rumors are circulating right now regarding the telco’s supposed iPhone 3G pricing plans.

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These were, as is anything that’s of grave importance in the tech industry, leaked to the Internet, for which we are here to write, and you to read about. So let’s run through them carelessly now, shall we?

First, rumors indicate there will be a so-called “New Super Bonus” plan, a special iPhone-only tariff that would let you take the handset home for 61,920 Yen (or $575 or so USD), and that’s not cheap. There is an option to pay this in 24 monthy installments though, but it will still be a bit too expensive, especially for those who know and expect the $199 US iPhone pricing to at least apply.

The good news is, there will be a special discount of 1,780 Yen per month, which brings the price down to fairly near the WWDC-announced sub-$200 pricing on the iPhone 3G. The discounted price will only be 19,200 Yen in total, and 800 Yen per month in installments. That’s more like it, wouldn’t you say? The basic packages are to be the White Plan and the S! Basic Pack, available for 980 Yen and 315 Yen, and doesn’t include free calls from 9PM to 1AM (in Japan, I suppose). Kind of a deal breaker, but it’s the phone that counts, right?

There could also be a iPhone-only Platinum Pack, which basically is just a two-faced data plan. Platinum Pack 1 offers unlimited Yahoo! Mail and MobileMe mail for 1,800 Yen per month, whicle Platinum Pack 2 offers unlimited Safari-based browsing for 6,800 Yen per month. These prices tell us that, like in other countries, it will be the data that will get back at you for the iPhone 3G’s low pricing.

We expect to learn more about the Softbank iPhone pricing plans in the days to come, and will confirm whether or not only the 8GB version will be released on July 11th (with the 16GB version to follow).

But be reminded that this is just a rumor, though (at least at this point), so remain up and don’t worry about not being able to save enough money for when the iPhone 3G pricing gets official at Softbank.

Via What Japan Thinks

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