3rd Carrier’s the Charm: Telstra to sell iPhone

Because two just isn’t enough to quench Oz’s thirst for the latest and greatest gadget of the summer, Telstra decided to join the iPhone party.

Vodafone and Optus have already announced plans to sell the new iPhone July 11, and by the looks of it they are getting a lot of buzz. Vodafone’s pre-registration site, for example, receives 40,000 visitors each day, while Optus had to shut their pre-registration down because it was completely flooded and they simply couldn’t keep up with demand.

Telstra is tentatively launching the iPhone on July 22, 11 days after its competition does.


There is no word yet on if the fourth carrier in Australia, Hutchinson’s “3”, will sell the iPhone. Do they dare to be different?

via Australian IT

Author: Brad Molen

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