Court rules all your text messages are belong to you

Who would want their top secret plans to be foiled through a cellphone like the great ex-Senator Elliot Spitzer? I’m quite sure you don’t. And a court in the 9th circuit seems to think so, too. And that’s why it has enacted a rule regarding the privacy of all the text messages that are being sent and received.

For quite some time now, it has been contested whether or not text messages on cellphones should be considered private. All debates are to be ended now, with the 9th circuit court’s ruling that there should be a reasonable expectation of privacy on text messages.

Court rules all your text messages are belong to you

Now companies can’t just do things the old way and reveal the contents of text messages without proper consent from the “owners.” The court ruling says that consent from either the sender or the recipient is needed before doing such a thing, lest they want to perform a violation of the Fourth Amendment. Well, lucky you, then.

EFF via Techdirt

Author: David Gonzales

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