Digia @Web launches in Beta for UIQ 3

After taking its time in development, Digia has come out with the Beta version of their Webkit based UIQ 3 browser, @Web. For now, this will be one UIQ user’s ticket to touch-sensitive web browsing on their handsets.

Webkit is the same thing that makes the browser on the iPhone and iPod Touch so it was an obvious choice for Digia to use for their UIQ touch browser. Digia says that they will contribute all the changes to open source, following up with their full code after the beta stage wraps up.

Digia @Web launches in Beta for UIQ 3

How does it work? No, not with magic. According to Digia: “Finger touch is enabled by using UI elements suitable for finger operation and by using the touch screen such way that events created by finger press are correctly handled.”

They say the @Web browser also supports the stylus, so those who are not in the mood to poke their smartphones need not be smug. It is not specified how long the beta stage will last.

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