Duke University makes own “Micro-Blog” system for mobiles

It’s obvious we’re not at a shortage for microblogging applications for mobile phones and smartphones. And while some may argue that we already have enough, a group of researchers from Duke University has cooked up their own version of such an app, and calls it the Micro-Blog system for mobile phones.

Micro-Blog’s purpose is to let users obtain real-time, location-specific information from other users. It utilizes the many sensors built into phones nowadays, and is something of a locations-based service and mobile social network combo.

This is not the first time we’ve seen such an application, but Micro-Blog offers some unique points of its own. Micro-Blog has a feature called “virtual sticky notes” that users can add to specific sites. These notes can be geo-tagged and could have multiple applications.

For this applications to hit mainstream, though, the hardware that it needs to work must first become standard on phones, which are GPS chips, built-in ambient light and proximity sensors, accelerometers and other such sensors.

Other than that, the application itself still needs some work itself, towards ensuring user privacy and other security measures. In any case, this will be a useful application, provided that all the technology it needs is within reach.

Via Information Week

Author: David Gonzales

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